GAINS Profile

GAINS is an acronym for Goals, Achievements, Interests, Networks and Skills. The following is my GAINS profile for use within networking meetings and referral partnerships.

GAINS – Goals


  • Attribute £100,000 TYFTB to BNI during 2023.
  • Win a ClickFunnels ‘Two Comma Club’ Award – which is earned by selling more than $1 million from a single funnel
  • Get into the top 10 BNI members for BNI UK & Ireland in 2023 (currently ranked #14 out of 12,500 members)
  • Become a TEDx Speaker Completed



  • Purchase an investment property in Spain
  • Attend the 2026 World Cup Final, in New York

GAINS – Achievements / Accomplishments


We’ve been finalists for a number of awards over the years including the Morgan Business Awards and Female Entrepreneur of the Year for my business partner Lianne. We’re very proud to work for a global client in the UK, Australia, Canada and America, looking after nearly 1,000 franchisees for them, and we have around 200 freelance copywriters at our disposal so we’re really scalable if other agencies need a hand with overflow or large jobs.

Engage Web was accepted onto the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme.

In April 2019 Engage Web celebrated its 10-year anniversary which, for a business set up in the online marketing industry with no capital investment is a great achievement.

I passed my PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) in June 2018 to become a commercial drone pilot.


I wrote and performed a 15-minute stand-up comedy routine at Prenton Park, the home of Tranmere Rovers. Performing in aid of Wirral Mencap, Engage Web raised over £1,000 in personal sponsorship and shirt sponsorship. The event was also a competition with the six other comedians, and my performance won the audience vote. As the event was part of the Liverpool Comedy Festival, and I won, I am officially a ‘Liverpool Comedy Festival Winner’.

In 2004 I wrote a two-part comic, which was published and distributed by Metrodome as an extra with the DVD box-sets of Transformers. The comic has sparked much anger in the fan community, with blog posts and even video reviews from outraged fans. At least it wasn’t forgotten!

I’ve appeared on several of those Channel 5 clip shows, where they run down a list of TV moments based around a theme and have minor celebrities talk about them. The shows are repeated occasionally, and I was even on TV on Christmas Day one year.

I’m faster than Alistair Campbell and Bob Geldof around the Top Gear track.

I was once recognised by film director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scot Pilgrim) before he was famous while in a TV studio in London. He was a researcher on the show and wanted me to work on submissions for them for the next season. I stood him up to return home on the last train, having no idea how successful he would become.

I have an IMDB listing. I made a feature film in University (co-starred, co-wrote, co-directed and co-edited). It was shown in our local cinema, featured on local news and is listed on IMDB.

GAINS – Interests


I’m very proud that we do a good job at a fair price at Engage Web; we’ve got around 40 years’ experience between myself and Lianne, and we both hate to see people being charged a lot of money for basic WordPress template brochure sites or what appears to be cheap SEO at £100 a month when the person actually isn’t doing anything.

We like to look after our team – we’re proud to offer them great benefits such as their birthday as an additional holiday, and a holiday buy-back scheme. They can work from home two days a week, and they’re very responsible guys.

We help people who can write from home earn a bit of extra money whether that’s to pay a bill or help them improve their lifestyle.


As I wanted to be a film director when I was younger, and even went to Cannes two years running trying to raise finance for a script I co-wrote, I am very interested in film. I’m not a film snob, however, and count Flash Gordon among my top three favourite movies.

I collect Transformers. Not the power kind, the plastic robot kind. I’ve never counted but probably have well over 2,000 of them. I attend Transformers conventions every year, have some close friends I’ve made through a Transformers website (I created) and even have the word ‘Transformers’ tattooed on my arm in Japanese.

I’m a Liverpool FC fan and, through Engage Web, have bought two hospitality season tickets in the new Main Stand.

I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson. I’ve seen him live four times, including once in Prague. I have an extensive collection of promo 12” records, and even had VIP tickets for his ill-fated performance at the O2 Arena in London.

GAINS – Networks

I’ve been a member of three BNI chapters over the years. I attend PIN networks for my property business. I’m a member of the Wirral Business Group, an informal monthly group that alternates between breakfasts, dinners and socials. I am a member of Networx, which meets once every fortnight.

I also count TheTransformers.Net among my networks, as we meet at least twice a year and have a Facebook group in which to discuss Transformers, and other issues. It’s not quite as trivial as it seems as one of the members is a solicitor and I’ve drawn on him for advice in the past.

Through my season tickets at Anfield I have met with existing and future clients, and have even conducted BNI 121s in the hospitality lounge prior to a game, and found referrals for my network in the lounge.

GAINS – Skills


My University degree is in Film and Photography, so I have formal training in video and editing – something which comes in very useful at Engage Web. I have been designing websites since the last century, with my work on animations on a personal website being the reason I landed the job as the web designer for GAME back 2000. I’m adept at online marketing strategies, web development, domain management, databases, social media and content writing.


Being a bit of a nerd, my knowledge of films, cast members, directors, sport, cartoons and Greek and Roman mythology means I’m fairly useful in a quiz. I’m a confident speaker and love to perform, whether that’s in front of the camera or in front of an audience, and have given seminars, training and talks on a variety of web-related subjects. I can also juggle.