Digital Marketing

I’ve been in the field of digital marketing since the last century, which makes me seem very old indeed. That’s only really the late 90s, but that’s when I put my first ever website live.

After learning web development languages such as VB Script, CGI, Perl and a spattering of JavaScript in my own time, I designed and built a number of websites for personal use and to promote my film work. One such website, for my hobby of collecting Transformers, utilised animated GIFs before they were the popular craze they are today. Back then I had to capture video and create the GIFs myself one frame at a time, in true animation style.

This trend-setting effort actually caught the eye of the marketing manager at GAME, who loved both the idea and the application of the animations I had produced. This simple technique was instrumental in me becoming the web designer for GAME in 2000. At GAME I worked on the website, online multiplayer platform, corporate website and the digital TV channels for Sky and NTL.If you remember shopping on GAME’s Sky Open (just press the button!) channel, that was me.

After GAME I worked for a number of design agencies around the UK, in Bristol, Cardiff and Manchester, before co-founding Engage Web in 2009.

Engage Web

Engage Web was formed, originally, as a content marketing agency. We started by supplying a number of digital marketing and SEO agencies around the UK with content, or ‘blogs’. This was a relatively new thing in the industry around 2009, as much of the digital marketing industry was still built on the unethical rental of links from low-quality foreign websites. Despite this always being against Google’s TOS (terms of service) it was still something that a great many digital marketers founded their businesses on.

At Engage Web we knew this was no basis on which to build an agency as it was bad for the client and would, eventually, be undone by a Google update. With our content writing team we were producing thousands of blogs per month both for other agencies and for our own clients. Over the years we have produced in excess of 100,000 blogs. Every single one has been written, copy-checked and edited before being delivered to the client.

At Engage Web we work with clients ranging from one-man bands to global companies across different continents. Our philosophy has always been to do right by the end user and not the search engine, and to turn our clients’ websites into the best resources online for their industry. We have always achieved success for our clients by providing their clients and customers with everything they are looking for, which is why our clients are found first.