Award Winning Comedian

OK, so I’ve been told I can’t call myself an award-winning comedian as there wasn’t ‘technically’ an award handed out. Regardless of whether or not I received a physical award, I did win a stand-up comedy competition.

Furthermore, it was a competition that was part of the Liverpool Comedy Festival so I am, unquestionably, a Liverpool Comedy Festival Winner. That’s what’s going on my CV, my LinkedIn, this website and will be thrust upon anyone else who is willing to listen.

The evening was more about Wirral Mecap, than me, I guess. For me it was more about me, but I did raise £862 for Wirral Mencap in the process, plus a further £200 in shirt sponsorship. So there’s that.

The whole process was a dream come true for me. The chance to learn from a professional comedian in the weeks leading up to the night, and to write and perform my own routine, were things I had always wanted to do. Winning was just the icing on the cake.

You can, of course, judge for yourself by watching the video. Obviously I wasn’t going to perform stand up in front of a live audience without having the whole thing filmed!


In addition to the stand up (which I’ve only done the once, but talk about it like I’ve been gigging for 20 years) I’m also the one responsible for the satire news website, The Chester Bugle. When I say ‘responsible’, I don’t mean in a legal sense. I legally have nothing to do with it and have never even seen it before in my life, in case you were wondering who to blame.

The Chester Bugle has been responsible for a number of mildly entertaining and modestly-successful news stories, including the globally-spread hoax that a Nokia 3310 found in a drawer after 20 years still had 70% battery. This nonsense was shared across the world, and reported by a number of media outlets – most notably across India for some reason.

The post was so successful that it eventually received over 140,000 shares and received more than one million engagements on Facebook.